The International debt collection process deeply and safely embodies the theme "Union and Unity";- Unitas et Unitatis.
Collecting outstanding debts in other countries is far from what we consider an easy task. Searching and going through so many peculiarities is challenging and requires the utmost dedication and knowledge from the contracted party so that success can be achieved.
There are many debt collection companies around the world with different levels of knowledge and size. It is therefore important not to choose a local partner but a local partner who has global presence that works applying the fundamental concept "unitas et unitatis".
Choosing a partner who has the tools, professional team and expertise in other countries is a decision that will certainly make the difference between collecting the debt versus turning this outstanding debt into a much bigger problem.
When we start the process of collecting a debt in a different country for a client the challenge becomes a reality as the process requires having knowledge of the sector, assessment of the security characteristics and, above all, the weight that this security has in the debtor´s country. In addition to these basic factors, we have the local language, which is crucial to effective negotiation. It is important to remember that placing your process in the hands of a professional with a full understanding of the laws of the debtor´s country is paramount, as it reinforces the chances of collection and the degree of safety in the transaction. Other variables – fundamental to the successful collection of the outstanding international debt – includes time zones and cultural issues.
Taking into consideration the characteristics described above, creditors are more than ever looking for companies who specialize in the collection of international debt. By doing the complete management thereof in the creditor´s country is what in fact gives the security and credibility required successful collection in its entire cycle. Managing the language, laws, habits, time zones and reports at the time of making decisions is something achievable only through the unitas et unitatis concept. To better explain this matter, I would say that the union between the countries and shareholders with compatible profiles and interests and the unity in the individual collection action in each country is the formula to support thousands of creditors in every segment requiring these services for them to collect their money.
This demand grows at the pace of the growth of global business, as the quantity of international debts is proportional to the business carried out between different companies in different countries. It is important to point out that creditors with a smaller structure face bigger problems. The existence of this work is not much disseminated around the world, in particular when the business model applied when marketing this kind of service is on a "no win, no fee" basis.
A major benefit that comes from the use of a specialized network focusing on the subject is the operational concept directed at unitas et unitatis, unifying the knowledge and rules and the unity at the forefront, before the debtor. The differences in legal approaches represent an opportunity to collect the debt; however if carried out in the wrong fashion and without proper knowledge, it may give rise to lawsuits requiring huge and unprecedented indemnities. Holding the knowledge of the world and details for debit collection in different countries is something serious and with considerable risks when performedincorrectly.
The management and follow-up by the creditor is another crucial factor to be taken into consideration, as the deadlines for coordinated and sequential actions are also crucial for the success or not of an operation. In addition to the management and follow-up, the exchange of information between creditor and the local commercial market is important for a better use of the opportunities to negotiate the debts.
Facing a world that is increasingly dynamic, creates numerous challenges for businesses resulting in this matter  becoming more important in the international arena. Therefore, I conclude advising companies and entrepreneurs in need of these services to look for partners with global coverage, broad experience in international debt collection and who apply the "no win no fee" business model. After all, if business and money have no borders, so must your partner collecting your debts.

          “Collecting debts is the same, in essence, in every part of the world…”

Money without Borders

Talking about international collection is a very complex topic, because there is the natural and understandable fear that the export companies have when expanding their markets, credit policies and opportunities in foreign countries. And to diminish the risks of the business, they often reduce their opportunities for international growth. 
Most export companies adopt policies of “pay now, get it later”, as well as letters of credit and other guarantees to reduce the risks. Few- and this is limited to the big companies and multinationals - have means to invest in international credit insurance and are knowledgeable in investment papers, for safeguard. Similar to what happens in Brazil, in some other countries, the lack of political investments in tax relief, infrastructure and innovation is also a strong aggravating factor for retraction.
Those who have more incentives and a greater dose of boldness and entrepreneurial courage get out in front of the competition, leaving behind the fear that often comes from the lack of knowledge. What do we have in our country today that can help us in dealing with our international partners in critical times when it comes to a possible breach of contracts and non-payment? What are my options as an export company?
We know that there are some barriers to overcome that can cause the process to be even more expensive and riskier, whether legal, geographical, cultural, financial or political in every country. Many law firms render international services, but it is not enough to be bilingual and adopt common practices to contact the debtor. It is necessary to be knowledgeable in the best local practices to obtain the desired results, particularly when in contact with the people who we deal with, who are more and more demanding and aware of their rights in every part of the world - the defaulting party.

So how to increase exports more safely?

Bearing this in mind, more than 3 decades ago the TCM Group, was founded and today is respected and identified as one of the biggest groups of Credit & Collection businesses throughout the world, helping companies and exporters in 6 continents, to collect in more than 150 countries, breaking the barriers to make sure money will have no borders. In Brazil , the TCM Group has been represented by Way Back for more than 20 years, as their sole  and exclusive shareholder, who receives requests to recover outstanding debts from all over the world as well as locally. Way Back also send requests from Brazilian clients who have outstanding international debts to their TCM Group partners in the country of the debtors origin. Did you know that?

And the best, besides the utmost professionalism and quickness in the process, is that the client only pays our fees in case of success, that is, money in the client’s bank account, which is the basic premise  of commitment adopted by the Group throughout the world.
In other words, the methodology of collection adopted by the TCM Group means taking the risk together with the client, for we are certain of a win in the four corners of the world, and our transactions are insured by the TCM Guarantee Fund worldwide, which means even more safety and reassurance to our export clients.
If money has no borders, neither does Way Back Brasil - TCM Group.

3 Simple but essential tips to have a sound cash flow

The tips I share in this article may appear to be simple at first but , believe me, they are extremely important to mitigate the risks of your cash flow and accounts receivable.
Good credit needs high quality and information which is updated constantly, due to its changing nature. Some key points are crucial to maintain a sound cash flow, and here are the 3 main points I regard as essential. Shall we?
Tip 1 - Data Base
It is imperative that you have the support of your commercial area as the bureau alone cannot work magic. We need information coming from several sources. Therefore, turn your sales department into an asset in the process. Establish a policy of real partnership with your commercial department and ask for support with information on each client, such as field data, on the market, on the competitors and neighbors, on the region, on the seasonal factors. There is no doubt this will help you to improve the quality of your data base.
Tip 2 - High Impact Clients
Always keep your clients close, mainly when we talk about those of high value to your accounts receivable, so that they can be monitored periodically and not to be taken by surprise, as we know heavy blows are not dealt out overnight. Update the information quarterly, or at least once every semester, on the net worth and assets of your clients, companies and shareholders. Always assess the level of commitment and guarantees of your high impact clients, which can be of great help for you to know whether to turn on the warning sign.
Tip 3 - The Client’s Experience
Show your clients the importance of credit to the company and their daily routine. You need to educate and guide them so that they can understand that they are always the best beneficiaries. But how do you do that without harming this relationship? There are several ways to make yourself remembered through preventative measures, which greatly improve your relationship with your clients, even before the due date. Our experience has shown us that more than 35% of the executives in the industry of credit and collection use these actions actively (whether internal or outsourced), which lead to an exponential growth in the business relationship as well as the strengthening of their trust due to an excellent experience.
Doesn’t it sound simple? The truth is that if you are not concerned about these actions, the competition will be, and to have your cash flow as planned, it is always important to keep your client close to you. 
Remember prevention is the best medicine.

To learn more, go to www.wayback.com.br/international and www.tcmgroup.com
Jefferson Frauches Viana - CEO of Way Back and shareholder of TCM Group

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