Working with a company like Way Back makes it possible to break down linguistic, cultural, political and legal barriers, significantly increasing the chances of negotiation, since we operate directly in the defaulter's country. In addition to these advantages, all our knowledge of the market and knowing how to act makes our collection effective, generating better results and less friction in the relationship between creditor and defaulter.
Fundamentally, documents related to the debt are required, such as a signed contract, invoices issued and contacts or other documents that prove the existence of this debt and the relationship between creditor and defaulter.
The fees are calculated based on 3 main variables: age, volume and the debtor’s country.
Way Back Global Services works in all stages of debt collection, from preventive to resolutive measures. For this, we have exclusive risk mitigation services that range from commercial information, complete reports, credit insurance and monitoring, through records and support even before the customer defaults.
In general, debt collection processes begin extrajudicially. If an agreement cannot be reached during this phase, Way Back offers a proposal for legal action, carried out by our team of debt recovery attorneys at the creditor's and debtor's locations in over 150 countries. With this expertise, we indicate the best moment, the real scenario and provide consultancy for each case, including the advantages and disadvantages of adopting this method.



Brian Poon


"Way Back has assisted us in several cases where we have sent to them in Brazil over the years. They have always kept us up to date with all of our cases and were able to collect on outstanding balances where we thought it was impossible to collect.  I would always recommend Way Back for debt collections in Brazil."


David Dwyer

United States

"I contracted Way Back to recover an important and difficult debt in Japan. I was not optimistic. I had left Japan and returned to the USA. The borrower had ceased responding to any contact after making a partial repayment. However, Way Back was able to make contact with the borrower and despite evasive tactics recovered all of the money that was still outstanding. I recommend Way Back with no reservations."


Júlio Cesar Vieira


"I started working with Way Back in 2012 with the outsourcing of international collections, evolving in 2013 with the outsourcing of national collections and later with the support in BPO actions. We always obtained important and consistent results, in addition to a strong partnership, extending our relationships to the exchange of information, knowledge and best market practices."


Esteban Carbajal

United States

"I cannot thank you enough for your help and effort. Thank you very much for all your help. I will definitely recommend you if I ever know of anyone who could use your services."


Crislene Bertolini Lupo


"We are glad to have Way Back International providing us with a satisfatory debt collection service since 1999."


Shaun Duncan


"We have known the team at Way Back Cobranças e Serviços Ltda / TCM Brazil since 2003 and they have assisted us with the recovery of our outstanding debts as well as providing us with monthly feedback on the status of our claims. They have extensive knowledge in all aspects of debt recovery process in Brazil and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone that requires professional debt recovery services in Brazil."


Domenica Ascencão Mathias


"We outsourced Way Back/TCM an write-off fifty-case portfolio of Bolivian Debtors and our experience has been extremely positive, considering that our operation in Bolivia has been recently cancelled and Way Back/TCM has succeeded on skip tracing many debtors we had been searching by ourselves without any effective results. Debt collection efforts have included personal visits and this has been fundamental to bring back debtors to our table of negotiation."

Way Back in numbers


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